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Zing Trace Minerals
Manufacturer Zing
Supply 32-144 days
Form Liquid
Size 2 fl. Oz

Zing Trace Minerals

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Zing Trace Minerals Super Concentrate, with fulvic acid, is nature’s miracle molecule. It can be taken internally and used externally; contains no artificial additives, sweeteners, or preservatives; and is vegan. Zing is a super concentrate and is the purest and most cost-effective trace mineral supplement available. It is bottled in glass to maintain its purity. One 2 ounce bottle contains the same quantity of trace minerals as 10 quarts of most other mineral products. Zing, taken at a low maintenance dose, will last 144 days, or 32 days taken at a therapeutic dose. A Zing mixture will fill a 2 ounce spray bottle 115 times and contain more minerals than most skin products. Zing is made from a pristine and pure source of ancient plant material and contains over 70 trace minerals and 12 trace amino acids, in a pure, cold-water extraction of fulvic acid for optimal cell absorption. Fulvic acid with trace minerals is “nature’s miracle molecule”. Its uses are endless and reported experiences are amazing!


Maximum therapeutic dose: adults drink 18 drops twice a day in 10 oz., or more, of non-chlorinated water or juice. Individual needs may vary and dose may vary 4-18 drops twice a day.
Recommend at least 60 days of Therapeutic dose to restore and balance the body with minerals.
Children and animals: alter dosage proportionate to their weight.
Do not store in metal container.


73 plant derived trace minerals, in a pure extraction of Fulvic Acid for optimal cell absorption.