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Super Collagen +C - Type 1&3
Manufacturer NeoCell
Supply 20 Days
Form 6 Tablets
Potency 6000 mg
Size 120

Super Collagen +C - Type 1&3

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Provides the amino-acids necessary to maintain the body's collagen supply. Preserves skin smoothness and elasticity, supports a healthy bone matrix, nourishes nails and hair, maintains healthy connective tissues and lean muscle. People taking this supplement often reach their desired effects within three-weeks.


As a food supplement, take 6 tablets daily preferably on an empty stomach for maximum absorption.


Vitamin C (as Calcium Ascorbate) 60 mg, Collagen Type I & III 6g,
Glycin 22.08%, Proline 13.8%, Hydroxyproline 13%, Glutamic Acid, 9.5%, Alanine 8.5%, Arginine 7.9%, Aspartic Acid 5.7%, Lysine 4.2%, Serine 3.3%,Leucine 2.9%, Valine 2.4%, Phenylalanine 2.0%, Threonine 1.9%, Isoleucine 1.3%,
Methionine 0.78%, Histidine 0.77%, Hydroxylysine .70%, Tyrosine 0.40%, Cystine .08%.
Other Ingredients: Super Collagen Type I & III derived from 100% pure pharmaceutical food grade bovine collagen, Vitamin C (as Calcium Ascorbate), Magnesium Stearate.