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Smudge Stick- Palo Santo
Manufacturer Triloka Global Shaman
Supply 5 Sticks
Form Stick
Size 3.5 in.

Smudge Stick- Palo Santo

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Healing, Purifying, Cleansing.
Palo Santo is an aromatic wood used for thousands of years as a healing incense by Shamans and the ancient Incas. It has a citrus aroma with underlying hints of frankincense.
Note- this Palo Santo has been sustainably harvested from fallen trees with a portion of the sales dedicated to replanting.


Light the tip of the stick, let the wood burn for less than a minute and blow out the flame. Palo Santo does not burn completely and may be relit many times. Hold over a fireproof plate or shell to catch the smoldering ash. After use, extinguish with water or sand. Caution: Keep children and animals away from lit smudges. Do not leave unattended.