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Serendipity, Orchid Essence
Manufacturer Living Tree Orchid Essences
Supply 14 Days
Form Liquid
Size .5 oz.

Serendipity, Orchid Essence

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Very helpful when one is bogged down with too many responsibilities or just feeling stuck. Works to align one's preparedness to move into action with deeper dimensions of one's being. Helps bring new insights into meditation. An antidote to being stuck in a rut.


Orally: three drops sublingually, or add three drops to water. Take twice daily.
Topically: add the essence to a cream and apply it as needed, or add 20 drops to a bath.
Store away from heat and electrical equipment.


50% organic French cognac, water, etheric infusion of Paphiopedilum Predatious. Alcohol 20% by volume.