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pH Test Strips
Manufacturer Enzymedica
Supply Approx. 120 Tests
Form Paper
Size 15 Ft.

pH Test Strips

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pH testing tape provides an easy way to monitor your acid/alkaline levels from home. Tape can be used to test both saliva and urine. Comes with a tape dispenser and a color chart. 7.0 is neutral. Above 7.0 is alkaline. Below 7.0 is acid.


Test saliva and/or urine in the morning.  Test two hours after eating or drinking to observe impact on pH.  1. To test saliva:  deposit a small amount of saliva on a spoon or other suitable surface.  Dip tape into saliva for three seconds.  Remove.  Compare to color chart.  2.  To test urine:  dip tape in urine flow.  Shake excess fluid off of tape.  Compare to color chart.