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New Moon Peace Face (Small)
Manufacturer Peaceful Moon Faces
Form Clay
Size .5 to .75 in.

New Moon Peace Face (Small)

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Black New Moon & Seed Pearl.
The New Moon calls on us through the dark night sky, openly receiving the seeds of intent we choose to plant. It is in dark soil that seeds germinate and begin their journey towards the sunlight. Seed pearls contain the mystery of new life and symbolism of the seed.
The seed pearl is placed on the pineal & pituitary points welcoming Conscious Creation in your life.


In Her Full and dark phases She guides the tides on Earth, and in our own bodies. She imbues us with the peaceful rhythms of Nature.
While holding your New or Full Moon, find that peaceful place where your rhythms and Her rhythms dance.
Place on an altar, wear as a necklace, give as a gift, put in your pocket, meditate while holding, hang in a moon-lit window...