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Organic Plant Collagen Builder
Manufacturer Garden of Life
Supply 30 Days
Form Tablet
Size 60

Organic Plant Collagen Builder

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Organic Plant Collagen Builder is a whole food formula with Biotin and Silica that’s certified organic and Non-GMO Verified made from over 30 powdered organic fruits, vegetables and botanicals. Specialized ingredients help maintain youthful levels of Collagen, Keratin and Elastin, three proteins responsible for promoting your body’s healthy, natural glow.


Adults take 2 tablets daily with food.


Vitamin A (Beta-Carotene, Organic Food Blend) 360 mcg, Vitamin C (from Organic Food Blend) 45 mg, Vitamin E (from Organic Food Blend) 21 mg, Thiamin (Vitamin B1 from Organic Food Blend) 0.2 mg, Riboflavin (Vitamin B2 from Organic Food Blend) 0.2 mg, Niacin (from Organic Food Blend) 3 mg, Vitamin B6 (from Organic Food Blend) 1 mg, Folate (from Organic Food Blend) 80 mcg DFE, Biotin (from Organic Food Blend) 2,500 mcg, Pantothenic Acid (from Organic Food Blend) 1 mg, Zinc (from Organic Food Blend) 0.5 mg, Selenium (from Organic Food Blend) 12 mcg, Manganese (from Organic Food Blend) 0.1 mg, Chromium (from Organic Food Blend) 35 mcg. Silica (from Organic Bamboo Extract, standardized to 75% Silica) 10 mg. Organic Food Blend 710 mg: Organic Sesbania grandiflora (leaf), Organic Amla Berry (fruit), Organic Apple (fruit), Organic Guava (fruit & leaf), Organic Annatto (fruit & seed), Organic Holy Basil (leaf), Organic Lemon (fruit & peel), Organic Moringa (leaf), Organic Beet (root), Organic Broccoli (stalk & flower), Organic Carrot (root), Organic Spinach (leaf), Organic Tomato (fruit), Organic Strawberry (fruit), Organic Cherry (fruit), Organic Blackberry (fruit), Organic Green Bell Pepper (fruit), Organic Brussels Sprout (Leaf), Organic Ginger (root), Organic Blueberry (fruit), Organic Garlic (bulb), Organic Green Onion (bulb), Organic Raspberry (fruit), Organic Parsley (leaf), Organic Cauliflower (flower & stem), Organic Red Cabbage (leaf), Organic Kale (leaf), Organic Cucumber (gourd), Organic Celery (stalk), Organic Asparagus (flower & stem). Organic Beauty Blend 194 mg: Organic Green Tea Extract (leaf), Organic Pomegranate Extract [standardized to 50% Polyphenols] (fruit), Organic Citrus Bioflavonoids (fruit & peel), Organic Rooibos Tea Extract (leaf), Organic Bamboo Extract (shoot). Organic Turmeric (root) 50 mg