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New Light (chem), Vibropathic™ 2oz
Manufacturer Hanna's
Supply 4 Weeks
Form Liquid
Potency 6X
Size 2 oz.

New Light (chem), Vibropathic™ 2oz

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This product is a natural, homeopathic product that Hanna Kroeger used to help keep your system healthy. Please do your own research or consult a health practitioner to see if this product is right for you.


Unless otherwise directed by a health care professional, adults take one dropperful (15 drops) directly under the tongue. Children 6-12 take half the adult dose. Take 3 times daily 20 min. before or after meals or brushing.


Distilled water, organic cane alcohol, Mi Aura, Alumina, Niccolum met., Plumbum, Chem X, Trace min. 1000, Silver, and Valeriana off. **Electro magnetically attuned to specific frequencies, 6x potency.

Additional Dietary Information

New Light ADD Kit [New Light Kit (chem)].