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Neti Salt plus 60 sachets
Manufacturer Himalayan Chandra
Supply 60
Form Salt
Size 60 Sachets

Neti Salt plus 60 sachets

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Neti Salt is a natural, soothing saline nasal-wash. A large volume, low positive-pressure nasal wash is the most effective way to irrigate the nose based on current studies. Nasal irrigation is an excellent way to clear mucus and microscopic irritants that enter the body and become entrapped in the nasal passages. Clearing the nose allows for optimal air-flow.


Mix contents of sachet with 8 ounces of warm sterilized water until the salt is completely dissolved and pour into net pot.


60 regular premixed packets of pH balanced sodium chloride & sodium bicarbonate mixture (USP grade, natural ingredients, isotonic, preservative & iodine free)