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Maxi-Zyme Caps
Manufacturer Country Life
Supply 20-30 Days
Form 1 Capsule
Potency 450mg
Size 60

Maxi-Zyme Caps

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A comprehensive plant based digestive enzyme complex to support maximum digestive power.


Adults take one (1) capsule before meals.


One (1) capsule contains: Proprietary Enzyme Blend 450 mg:

Papain 189,450 PU, Lipase 5,400 LU, Protease 216 SAPU, Lactase 125.1 LacU, alpha-Glactosidase 48 AGSU, Phytase 47 PHU, Bromelain 18 BTU, alpha-Amylase 13.5 SKBU. Other ingredients: Maltodextrin, cellulose (capsule shell).

Additional Dietary Information

Kroeger Herb’s Enzymes and Digestive Enzymes herbal capsules.