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Liberation/Deception, Orchid Essence on sale!
Manufacturer Living Tree Orchid Essences
Supply 14 Days
Form Liquid
Size .5 oz

Liberation/Deception, Orchid Essence on sale!

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How do we fool ourselves by projecting what we desire and not truly need? When is the "light" just a diversion? What is true liberation? Is it to be found in political expression or smoking dope or trance dancing? Even on the inner path, how can we fool ourselves in the quest for freedom? Where do we find the Buddha sitting? This essence operates at two main levels. At the more obvious level, it provides endurance and 'upward' strength, as well as helping to cleanse, strengthen and protect the aura. It would help with any new venture as well. At a more inward or subtle level, this essence is about both recognising and accepting inner beauty, as well as developing the discernment needed to discover the ways in which we deceive ourselves in the name of liberation.


3 drops sub-lingually, or add 3 drops to water & take twice daily. Store away from heat & electrical equipment.


50% organic French cognac, water, etheric infusion of Paphiopedilum gratixianum. Alcohol 20% by volume.