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Kampuku Beauty Bar
Manufacturer Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic
Form Bar
Size 2.82 oz

Kampuku Beauty Bar

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Formulated by the award-winning microbiologist, Iichiroh Ohhira, Ph.D., this beauty and revitalizing probiotic soap contains healing plant extracts fermented with probiotics. Coconut oil, with known antimicrobial activity provides purifying power and health benefits. Contains no fragrances, stabilizers, deodorants, preservatives, chemicals or artificial colors. Experience improved skin health as this gentle bar cleanses, feeds, heals, moisturizes, conditions and protects.


Store in a dry location. Keep beyond the reach of infants and young children. Do not ingest. Soap pack contains oxygen absorber to maintain the quality of the product; discard absorber after opening soap. Suitable for daily use and appropriate for both body and face, The Kampuku Beauty Bar offers natural deodorant benefits while leaving the skin clean and moisturized. Due to a traditional Japanese method that produces vegetable glycerin, quality fats, and oils and allows these moisturizing substances to evenly dissolve into the skin, the Kampuku Beauty Bar is ideal for shaving the face, legs and other delicate areas while helping to reduce painful razor-rash.


Fatty Sodium 94.8% - Detergent
Lactic Acid Bacteria Extract (Probiotic)* 4.0%Humidifying Agent. Mountain Spring Water 0.7% - Solvent. Caramel 0.5% - Humidifying Agent
*Ingredients in Lactic Acid Bacteria (Probiotics) Extract - natural, wild growing plants hand-harvested from the vast mountain region of the Chugoku district of Japan, seaweed from Japan’s ocean and mountain spring water. Raw ingredients are apricot, mugwort, brown seaweed, oleaster, plum, wild strawberry, mulberry, sea tangle, Chinese bayberry, wild vine, Chinese matrimony, shiitake mushroom, Chinese cabbage and loquat. Raw ingredients are carefully blended, naturally fermented and matured for up to five years.