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Immediate Relief Aura Spray
Manufacturer Living Tree Orchid Essences
Form Spray
Size 100 ml

Immediate Relief Aura Spray

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A spray used for spiritual purposes. Combining eight of the orchid essences, Immediate Relief is helpful in emergencies and other upsetting situations. Addressing shock at a deep level of the psyche, it gives spiritual support. In traumatic or very stressful circumstances we are likely to lose our connection with higher aspects of our soul or psyche; this combination relieves the shock and enables a reconnection with our highest inner alignment. Contains Blue Angel, Celestial Triangle, Centre Renewal, Fruits of Love, Night Soul, Silver Ghost, Voice of Courage and White Beauty.


Shake before using. Spray above & around head & body. Do not spray in the eyes. For external use only


water, alcogol, essential oils of black pepper, frankincense and sandalwood; etheric infusions of Bulbophyllum pecten-veneris, Bulbo. carunculatum, Paph. Wossner’s Black Wings, Stanhopea Havre des Pas, Dendrobium alexandrae, Vanda Golamco’s Blue Magic, Phalaenopsis Paloma & Scaphosepalum bicristatum.
No orchid was harmed to make this product.