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Feline: Internal Parasites
Manufacturer Perelandra
Supply 1-3 Months
Form Liquid
Size 2 oz

Feline: Internal Parasites

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Reorganizes, adjusts and repairs the feline system to strengthen, balance and support its ability to address infestation and disease caused by heartworms, hookworms, tapeworms, roundworms and whipworms.

The Perelandra Solutions were created by Machaelle and nature from a combination of electrical infusions from different plants, minerals, natural gases and elements found in the sea, atmosphere and on land. Each Solution contains water, a specific electrical pattern and a brandy preservative. They are safe and natural oral Solutions.


To Start: Give Solution twice daily for the first 3 months (once in the morning and once in the afternoon). This will help build up your cat/kitten and provide a strong foundation. After 3 months, follow the directions given below.

Dose = 6 drops)

For cats/kittens 7 weeks and older, no matter the size or weight:
One dose twice daily for the first 3 months.
Then one dose monthly throughout the year.

If you see indications the cat still has a parasite issue after the first 3 months, administer the Solution once daily until the issue is cleared.

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Before you ask: The Internal Parasites and External Parasites Solutions do NOT contain parasites. (No parasites were harmed or injured in the production of these Solutions!) They contain only water, a specific electrical pattern and preservative.


23.6% brandy alcohol by volume. Infusion of F.I.P in water.