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Eye Pillow- Red Paisley
Eye Pillow- Red Paisley
Manufacturer Turtle Healing Energy
Supply 1 Pillow
Form Brocade fabric and herbs
Size 9 x 3.5 in.

Eye Pillow- Red Paisley

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Handmade with love in Boulder, CO. The bag has a unique velcro closure to allow the herbs to be taken out and the bag washed as needed.
Eye pillows are often used to
♦ reduce stress and anxiety,
♦ ease headaches,
♦ block out light while meditating or resting,
♦ enhance savasana and other restorative poses during yoga,
♦ reduce puffy or swollen eyes, and
♦ promote better sleep.


For a cooling experience, put eye pillow in plastic bag and leave in freezer.
For a warming experience, put pillow in microwave for 15 seconds or in the oven on a baking sheet at low temp for 8 minutes.


Organic Lavender and Flaxseed in a red and gold paisley fabric pouch.