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ETS for Animals 2oz
Manufacturer Perelandra
Form Liquid
Size 2 oz

ETS for Animals 2oz

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ETS for Animals is a solution just for animals that is perfect for any sudden or "unscheduled" situation that can be large or small, serious or passing. It's for all those events that can occur with our animals that we don't plan for, would have appreciated not happening and that cause confusion, pain, panic, irritation and fear.


One dropperful every 3-5 minutes for first 20 minutes after trauma. ETS for Animals should not be diluted. To avoid contamination, do not give your animal its dosage directly from the dropper. Instead give the solution to your animal by putting a dose (10 - 12 drops) in your hand, a spoon, a bowl or a clean plastic syringe. If your animal insists on being enticed, put the 10 to 12 drops of ETS for Animals on the tiniest amount of irresistible food.


Infusion of ETS in water. 23.6% brandy alcohol by volume.