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Cotton Swabs- Organic
Manufacturer Maxim Hygiene
Supply 200
Form Cotton Swabs
Size 200

Cotton Swabs- Organic

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Maxim Organic and Natural products provide the most intimate personal care by using the most Natural, Soft and Safe materials. The methods and materials used in manufacturing our products help preserve our global environment. Maxim Organic Cotton Swabs are made with 100% Certified Organic Cotton. Organic cotton is pesticide free, which means our bodies, the environment and the farmers raising the cotton aren’t being exposed to the needless chemical used on regular cotton. Along with being grown organically, our cotton is whitened and disinfected with hydrogen peroxide instead of Chlorine to avoid creating harmful chemical Dioxin residues. We steer clear of using any irritating materials like Petrochemical byproducts, Viscose/Rayon or Perfume found. All of these qualities combined, make our cotton swabs Hypoallergenic. Additional product features include the unique matchbox package for convenient and safe keeping and the holding stick is made of cardboard. Maxim Organic and Natural products are better for your body, health and our earth.


Gently use the swab around the outer surface of the ear.


100% Certified Organic Cotton Heads (Chlorine Free), Cardboard Holding Stick.