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Clearing & Releasing, Orchid Essence
Manufacturer Living Tree Orchid Essences
Supply 14 Days
Form Liquid
Size .5 oz.

Clearing & Releasing, Orchid Essence

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There are times when we have to address deeply-held or especially challenging energies, and it is for these situations, either within a space or within an aura, that the Clearing & Releasing combination was created. It can also be used as an extra-strength space-clearing spray, bringing a cleansing to office or home even when there are very dark energies confronting one. Brings a very reassuring, positive and strong light to the space. Use the drops form if there are energies within a person which need clearing out, for example if there has been any history of drug abuse.
Contains: Angelic Canopy, Releasing Karmic Patterns, Pushing Back the Night.


Suggested use: 3 drops sub-lingually and take 3 times daily for 14 days.  Repeat as needed after 7 days.  Store away from heat & electrical equipment.


Organic cognac, water, etheric infusions of Brassia Rex, Bulbo, Elizabeth Ann ‘Buckleberry’ & LC Angel Love.