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Most domestic orders $100 or more ship free!
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Chakra Gemstone- Sodalite
Manufacturer Colour Energy
Supply 1 stone with info card.
Form Stone
Size approx. 1/2 to 1 in.

Chakra Gemstone- Sodalite

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Blue Throat Chakra- Communication, Organization, Openness!
Helps reduce stress. Place on your throat when tired or in need of help expressing yourself. Connects us to the expression of universal truth and wisdom. Reinforces communication, speech and healing. Sodalite is helpful with nervous issues as it is said to balance the mind, reduce tension and eases the hormonal system.


To amplify a specific colour energy, place a gemstone in your bath, drinking water or carry in your pocket or purse. They can also be placed on the correlating chakra in a healing or meditation session.