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Candida Fem Flora Defense
Manufacturer Liddell
Form Liquid
Potency 3X- 200C
Size 1 oz

Candida Fem Flora Defense

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A convenient spray liquid for fast absorption.


Adults and children over 12: spray twice under the tongue 3 times per day. Children 12 and under: consult a doctor prior to use.


Baptisia 3X, Borax 30C, Candida alb 12X, Candida parap 8C, Cinchona 30C, Echinacea 3X, Nitricum ac 30C, Pulsatilla 30C, Pyrogenium 200C, Sepia 30C, Sulphuricum as 30C, Thuja occ 30C. Inactive ingredients: Organic alcohol 20%, purified water.