Sabal ser. (Saw palmetto), Vibropathic™

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Manufacturer Hanna's
Supply 28 Days
Form Pellet
Potency 6X
Size 1 oz.

Sabal ser. (Saw palmetto), Vibropathic™

Male hormone, catarrhal conditions of the bladder, apathy, palliation of prostrate irritation.


Sublingual administration. Do not touch pellets. Pour amount needed into cap and place under tongue. Allow to dissolve. Take when mouth is in natural conditionÑat least 20 minutes before or after eating, brushing teeth, or drinking anything other than water. Adults take 3 pellets 2 times daily (children 6 to 12 take 1 to 2 pellets), unless otherwise directed by a health care professional.


Lactose (USP) ** Electromagnetically attuned to a specific frequency, potency 6x .

Additional Dietary Information:

Men’s Special herbal combination.