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Hanna's Herb Shop was started as New Age Foods by the legendary Hanna Kroeger in 1957 in downtown Boulder, Colorado.  We are one of the first health food stores in the country.  Hanna Kroeger, master herbalist, created over 350 products, wrote more than 20 books, lectured extensively, helped thousands of people and has a great following.  Over 50 years later, we are very proud to make Hanna Kroeger’s products available to the world.  Hanna Kroeger wanted everyone to be able to afford her products and you will find they are of the highest quality at affordable prices.  Hanna's Herb Shop is proud to ship to 36 countries and is a family business.

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Supports female libido, male reproductive health, the liver, immune system, nervous system and more!

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Beginner Classes now registering:

June 25-28, August 6-9, November 5-8.  For more information, click here or call 303-442-2490.

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The cleanse we all forget: our lymphatic system!

Hanna Kroeger's easy way to help clean out your lymphatic system.

New Product: Celtic Totem Animals Card Deck

Includes card deck, book and CD of shamanic drumming.

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Grape Seed has shown promise in not only preventing premature aging,

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New Product: Folate

Folate is the natural form of folic acid. Country Life's Organic Folate is certified USDA organic and is water extracted from organic lemon peel to maintain its purity.

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She helped thousands of people in her lifetime.

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