Maca, Royal

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Manufacturer Whole World Botanicals
Supply 90 Days
Form Capsule
Potency 1000 mg
Size 180

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Maca, Royal

Maca has been used for centuries in the Peruvian highlands to promote healthy sexual functioning, mood and energy in men and women. Even a small amount of Royal Maca supports the endocrine system and assists a healthy hormonal balance. All Maca products from Whole World Botanicals are fair trade, organic and non-irradiated.


Do Not Refrigerate

Sensitive/petite: Take 1/2-1 cap daily.
For Immune Support: 2 caps daily.
Male Potency: Take 2-6 caps daily or every other day.
Women-Painful periods or PMS: 2 caps daily. Start at beginning of menstrual cycle.
Menopausal: Start with 3 caps daily. Increase by one cap daily each week, if needed until hot flashes & other symptoms are 80% better.

Avoid estrogen and phyto-estrogenic herbs. Can be taken with progesterone-only birth control pills. Wait 4 weeks after stopping to start Royal Maca.


Selenium (from maca root), Organic Maca Root Concentrate Other ingredients (Capsules): gelatin, purified water, SLS-free capsules.