Bioenergy Disk (Pocket size)

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Manufacturer Hanna's
Size 3" x 1"

Bioenergy Disk (Pocket size)

Food exposed to price scanners, microwaves and other interruptive forces affects vibrational patterns.


Place sack of groceries on top of the device. Place water on it also. For yourself, hold it over your solar plexus and the destructive wave is counteracted in 1 minute.


The Bio Energy Disk contains a master-inspired formula of magnets, Emu Oil, Sesame Oil, Fruit Tree Shavings, and Colored Light.


Hanna’s Energy Tools and Gadgets

Hanna was truly ahead of her time when she created her energy tools. Years later, many of them are unmatched and may be even more important as we surround ourselves with the products of technological advances and consume foods with little energy. Because her energy tools are so unique, we want to share information on each one so you can decide how they might benefit you and your family.


Hanna was truly ahead of her time when she created her energy tools. Years later, many of them are unmatched and may be even more important as we surround ourselves with the products of technological advances and consume foods with little energy. Because her energy tools are so unique, we want to share information on each one so you can decide how they might benefit you and your family.

Blood Clot Board


This tool was developed by Hanna to assist the body in dissolving blood clots. The congestion in blood flow caused by clots is not only dangerous for health but also for energy flow. The Blood Clot Board is a simple device based on Mineral and Magnetic Therapy (that like energies attract) and the iron in the blood is attracted to the iron in the board. The blood is “pulled” and the bonds of stagnation and congestion are weakened and the blood can return to its natural state. The Blood Clot Board is a useful tool for bruises, bumps and trauma involving blood as these injuries usually have multiple small blood clots associated with them.

BioEnergy Disk


Airport scanners, food price scanners and microwave ovens deplete and interrupt the natural flow of energy in our bodies and in our food. Hanna was concerned that people may not be getting the energy they need from their food and that the interruptive energy patterns shock the lymphatic and nervous systems, manifesting in vulnerability to viral infections, fungal infections, fluke infections and nerve debilities. We can avoid these harmful effects by using Hanna’s BioEnergy Disk on our bodies and our food. To use the disk for your food, simply place it on top of the disk. To use on the body, place the disk on the solar plexus (at the bottom of your breast bone) to counteract the destructive effects of microwaves and scanners; this is very quick and takes about one minute. To use on the lymphatic system, place the small disk in the left armpit. Hanna taught that the lymphatic system filters through the glands on this side. Most people feel movement or tingling in the left armpit that slowly moves through the body. This process takes about five minutes.

Computer Pillow


In the mid-80s Hanna developed the Computer Pillow in response to conditions she found were directly associated with the loss of life force energy from the use of many electrical appliances. The Computer Pillow is designed to protect a person’s essential energy fields from destructive electrical pollution and magnetic disorientation that is produced by computer rays, x-rays, fluorescent lights, television rays, airplane travel, microwaves and other electrical appliances. It has also been known to help with energy field loss from exposure to gaseous fumes as well as reducing the effects of jet lag. Many practitioners are finding that people who travel in vehicles for work or other prolonged situations are needing the Computer Pillow because of the many different energy lines they travel through and because most cars have computers in them. A person using a Computer Pillow energetically acts like a conductor; the energies coming out of the computer (or other source) go through the person and land or “ground” in the Computer Pillow where it is diffused away from the user. This tool becomes more and more important as electronic devices become more powerful and commonly used.

Crystal Laser


Hanna combined herbs, “golden crystals”, numerology (Atlantean origin), and color therapy to create the Crystal Laser. It is attached to a flashlight and will last a long time if batteries and light bulbs are replaced (just like with any other flashlight). It was designed for supporting the immune system but can be used to clear the aura, to clear a room, to open the crown chakra and even help to recall dreams. Hanna recommended using it on the thymus (upper part of the breastbone) for one minute every morning to support the immune system and overall wellbeing. She also recommended it for “upholding positive influences” because the magenta color of the lens has been known as an aura builder and capable of stabilizing emotions. This is reflected in the calming feeling many people experience when using it. Many people enjoy using this tool intuitively, moving it around to the spots on the body that feel good. It seems to be most effectively used when it does not touch the skin yet remains close to the body. For dream recollection point the Crystal Laser at the third eye (middle of forehead) for several minutes in the morning.



This tool was created by Hanna to balance the electricity in the home. It “pulls back” the electrical energy and balance so that the home can be a safe space from the wavelengths of electricity. The constant bombardment of electrical intensity and differing wavelengths is a tremendous burden to our healthy nervous system and is especially hard on those whose immune systems are already compromised. People who have used the Electrilizer report that it also saves electricity and that their energy bills were lower.

Pico Board


How did Hanna know that our food supply would one day be infused with nuclear radiation when she made this board 20 years ago? The Pico Board is used to help counteract the radiation energy and residues found in our food from irradiation, an FDA approved practice that’s been happening for over 30 years. Wheat, meat, poultry, fresh fruits and vegetables are some of the food items that have been approved for irradiation and promoters of the process are trying to get the approval to increase the levels of radiation. To counteract this, set the Pico Board on a flat surface and place your bag of groceries or food items on it for 2 minutes; place any food you buy on the Pico Board. You may also use the Pico Board on your body to neutralize the effects of Cesium 137, Cobalt 60 and Strontium 90 already in your system by sweeping the body with the board, being sure not to stop in the middle of your arm, leg, etc. Follow through past the limb.

Soma Board


A unique invention of Hanna’s concerning ether technology and taste and wholesomeness of fruits, vegetables, milk, water and other groceries. The Soma Board is designed to bring more healthful vibrations to your kitchen. Many foods contain chemicals, additives or preservatives and it is sometimes impossible to wash the chemicals off store-bought produce, making energetic neutralization of the additives an important choice. Over the years additives accumulate and the liver attempts to neutralize the toxins and our bodies can become vulnerable to these allergens. Avoiding refined or chemically treated foods is the safest course but if this is not possible, use the Soma Board. Just as you can use the Pico Board to sweep your body, the Soma Board can be used in the same way and will help clear the body’s energy fields.

Water Revitalizer


This disk is safe for daily use and is based on the natural magnetic energy and balance of the body’s own magnetic field. Balance is conducive to harmony and we are not likely to become ill or stay sick for a long period of time when we are in balance on all levels (physically, mentally, emotionally and magnetically). The balance of body fluids upholds magnetic balance and the Water Revitalizer brings balance to drinking water to ensure these benefits can be achieved in the body. The disk may also be used to give the kidneys a boost by placing it over each kidney for a minute or two. This disk does not detoxify drinking water.

Other Energy Tools


Because we care about keeping our bodies safe from the impacts of the modern world, we also carry other tools and gadgets that were not created by Hanna. Cell Shield is one of these products and has been a part of on-going research on the lasting effects of electromagnetic waves on our health. Cell Shield is a composite of five different ceramics that absorb potentially harmful electric and magnetic waves. The ceramics render the waves harmless by converting them into shorter far infrared rays. Throughout this conversion process, the ceramic molecular structure undergoes dynamic changes in order to continuously reproduce this benefit. Cell Shield is small and attaches directly to your cell phone so there’s no worry of this tool creating an issue with use or comfort.

Find these gadgets from Hanna, along with many others, in our Energy Tools section of the website.

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