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Whitening Tooth Powder
Manufacturer My Magic Mud
Supply 150 Applications
Form Powder
Size 1.06 oz

Whitening Tooth Powder

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My Magic Mud is a 100% natural teeth-whitening remedy that improves oral health, strengthens enamel, and detoxifies your mouth. My Magic Mud takes a holistic approach to dental care, with carefully selected ingredients that will make your smile brighter and your mouth happier.

This product was developed by Jessica Arman, a mother of three and an avid entrepreneur, who wanted to create an effective whitening and deep cleaning remedy for her family that was natural and safe. After months of experimenting, My Magic Mud was born. What started off as a simple home remedy, quickly turned into a successful small business that has impacted thousands of lives.

The “magic” in My Magic Mud is in the simplicity of this blend, each natural ingredient playing an important part individually and synergistically. The activated coconut shell charcoal, the foundation of My Magic Mud, scrubs your teeth clean while actively detoxifying your mouth. Calcium bentonite clay improves the overall dental hygiene of your mouth, literally lifting toxins right out of your gums and teeth. Mix in the wildcrafted mint and organic orange peel extract for eliminating bad breath and reducing stains, and you get the hottest oral hygiene product on the market.

My Magic Mud is perfect for adults and children of all ages. There’s no taste, it’s safe to swallow, and it’s fun!

Toothpaste gives you only superficial results. With My Magic Mud, you’ll feel like you’ve just received a dentist cleaning.

With many users experiencing amazing results after just one use, you owe it to yourself and your mouth to give My Magic Mud a try!

And of course, non-GMO and no chemicals.


Use once a day before bedtime. (For tougher stains it is recommended to use twice a day.) This tooth powder is safe for your enamel. Use as much or as little as you’d like.


Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal, Calcium Bentonite Clay (Food Grade), Certified Organic Mint Extract, Certified Organic Organic Orange Peel Extract.