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Wan Ton
Manufacturer Oriental Herb Company
Supply 3
Form Capsule
Potency 1.2g
Size 6

Wan Ton

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Twenty-one herbs for rolling around with your dumpling.


Basic Way: Take two capsules three times a day.

Another Way: Throw out the notion that a printed set of directions will provide the exact answer. Consider size, constitution, timing, and other factors addecting each unique person.


Wan Ton Blend: dong quai (root), sichuan lovage (root), poria (fruiting body), licorice (root), uncaria rhynchophylla (stem, branch & hook), atractylodes (root), Chinese thoroughwax (root), Chinese yam (rhizome), rehmannia (unprocessed root), jujube (fruit), cyathula (root), eucommia (stem back), polygala (root), lycium (fruit), morinda (root), fennel (fruit), broomrape (stem), asiatic dogwood (fruit without seed), broussonetia (fruit), grass-leaf sweetflag (rhizome), schisandra (fruit).

Other ingredients: non-gmo cornstarch, gelatin