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Spiritual Spray- Orange
Manufacturer Colour Energy
Form liquid
Size 2oz

Spiritual Spray- Orange

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Use Sacral Chakra Spiritual Spray to uplift your spirit in times of hardship. Feel your aura shimmer with delight! Helps to stimulate your emotions so that you feel more enthusiastic and confident. The orange color is all about living in the moment and its energy helps us to heal the past so we can enjoy life to the fullest as if we are still the innocent child that wants to share love, joy, explore and expand ourselves outside of the boundaries we have made for ourselves.


Shake well. Use liberally to restore balance, bringing harmony to body, mind and spirit.
For external use only.


Purified Water, Holy Water and the Spectral Energies of: Essential Oils (Sweet Orange, Bitter Orange, Mandarin, Blood Orange, Neroli, Nutmeg & Vanilla), Alchemy Essences & dozens of Vibrational Frequencies.
Gemstones of Carnelian & Goldstone.