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Rosehip Oil
Manufacturer Ojas Naturals
Form Oil
Size 1 fl oz

Rosehip Oil

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Cold pressed, organic Rose Hip seed oil. Rosehips seed oil is the only vegetable oil that contains natural retinoic acid, a form of vitamin A which greatly benefits the skin. High in antioxidants, essential fatty acids - omega 3 and omega 6, vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin C, this oil is considered to be a "dry" oil, this oil quickly absorbs completely into the skin leaving no fatty residue . Especially good for sun damaged skin, sensitive skin, wrinkles & large pores and helps prevent and heal scar tissue.


Massage into face for moisturizer or for use in oil cleansing method. If you have sensitive skin you may want to dilute this oil with a carrier oil for best results. Avoid eyes. For external use only. Discontinue use if there are any negative effects.


Cold Pressed Rosehip (Rosa rubiginosa) Seed Oil* with 0.5% GMO free vitamin E to preserve freshness
*Organic Ingredient