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Essiac, Vitaly-TEA (No free shipping)
Manufacturer Health Plus
Supply 16 Days
Form Liquid
Size 32 oz.

Essiac, Vitaly-TEA (No free shipping)

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A unique botanical combination of four ancient herbs used in preventative medicine and developed by Native North Americans. This product can be used to maintain normal blood, support the body's ability to heal, and stay healthy.


Mix 1 oz. of VitaliTea with 2 oz. of hot (almost boiling) distilled water. Take twice daily on an empty stomach, 1 hr. before or 2-3 hrs. after eating.


Distilled Deionized Water, Burdock Root, Powdered Sheep Sorrel (Sour Grass), Turkey Rhubarb Root, Slippery Elm Bark, citric acid.