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Curam Beauty Elixir
Manufacturer Anima Mundi
Supply 24 Servings
Form Liquid
Size 4 oz

Curam Beauty Elixir

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A powerful blend of some of the most anti-oxidant and vitamin C rich foods on the planet. This formula is a deeply therapeutic mix containing a mega load of phyto-nutrients and essential minerals for total body harmony. It helps to maintain healthy oxygenation of the blood and support a healthy cardiovascular system.


Take 5ml (1 teaspoon) two to three times per day.


Turmeric Root*, Camu Camu peel*, Amla peel*, Mangosteen peel, Tulsi leaf*, Fresh Orange peel*, Ginger Root*, Black Pepper*, Ylang Ylang flowers^, extracted in vegetable glycerin, organic cane spirits and filtered water.
*Organic / Wildcrafted^