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Collagen Booster
Manufacturer Anima Mundi
Supply 56 Servings
Form Powder
Size 4 oz

Collagen Booster

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An extraordinary mix of herbs that naturally support healthy collagen in the skin and body.This formula is composed of ancient, nourishing herbs and flowers known as adaptogens. This blend is an excellent plant-based solution for those who want to care for their bones, nails, hair, tissues, and skin with 100% herbs. Our plant-based collagen is easy to use and bioavailable.


Add 1 teaspoon into your choice of tea, warm water, juice, smoothie, or plant based meal. Use 1-2 times daily for optimum effects.


Organic He Shou Wu (Fo-Ti) 28.25mg, Wildcrafted Horsetail 28.25mg, Organic Gynostemma 22.6mg, Wildcrafted Nettles 17mg, Organic Calendula 9mg, and Organic Comfrey Leaf 8mg.