Colloidal Silver Hydrosol, Spray

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Manufacturer Sovereign Silver
Supply 12 Days
Form Liquid
Potency 10 ppm
Size 2 oz.

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Colloidal Silver Hydrosol, Spray

Colloidal silver is microscopically small and therefore more easily absorbed and readily incorporated into cells compared to most tableted minerals. Sovereign Silver’s unique electrolytic process delivers an unmatched particle size (average 0.0008 microns) and percentage of active silver (99.99% pure).


Adults: 30 sprays, hold under tongue for 30 seconds then swallow.
Children: 15 sprays.
Infants: 6 sprays.


30 sprays (5 ml) contain:
Silver (10 ppm) 50 mcg and pharmaceutical -grade purified water (USP-NF).