Aconitum nap. (Monkshood), Vibropathic™

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Manufacturer Hanna's
Supply 28 Days
Form Pellet
Potency 6X
Size 1 oz.

Aconitum nap. (Monkshood), Vibropathic™

Excessive excitability in the nervous and vascular systems due to a number of causes including anxiety, especially surrounding death, and the onset of illness such as flu; Fever; Hot and cold spells; Intense thirst, constriction of the throat; Sensitivity to light, noise, and touch; Neuralgia.


Sublingual administration. Do not touch pellets. Pour amount needed into cap and place under tongue. Allow to dissolve. Take when mouth is in natural condition-at least 20 minutes before or after eating, brushing teeth, or drinking anything other than water. Adults take 3 pellets 2 times daily (children 6 to 12 take 1 to 2 pellets), unless otherwise directed by a health care professional.


Lactose (USP) ** Electromagnetically attuned to a specific frequency, potency 6x .

Additional Dietary Information:

Black Radish & Parsley herbal combination, Fear (emot).