Circu Flow®

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Manufacturer Kroeger Herb Products
Supply 30 Days
Form 3 Capsules
Potency 1.4 g
Size 270

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Circu Flow®

Discoveries new and old meet in this important blend to address the ever-present concern for maintenance of proper heart function. Number one on our popularity list. First manufactured in 1984 after years of success with the individual ingredients. Remember to combine with appropriate diet and exercise. Helps maintain cardiovascular function and a healthy circulatory system.


Three capsules 3 times daily before meals with 2 Tbsp. of Inner- Leaf Aloe Vera Gel.


Hawthorn Berries, Equisetum Concentrate (Horsetail), Vitamin C, Taurine, Arginine, Chromium Picolinate, Selenium, Whey. Other Ingredients:  Vegetarian source capsule. Contains: Milk (from whey)

Additional Dietary Information:

Avoid high fat foods, chemicals and metals in foods (avoid aluminum or coated pots and pans for cooking, stainless steel is best), alcohol, sodium fluoride, excess salt or sugar, strong coffee, birth control pills, smoking, environmental stress and noise pollution. Adding Garlic, Bee Pollen, applesauce and black pepper to the diet may be helpful.



Circu Flow Customer Testimonial

April 24, 2002 TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: November 13, 1984 was not a good day for me. That was the day that I had my first heart attack. Two more were to follow, one in 1988 and another later. read more >>

My first heart cauterization was done March 26, 1991. Several more catheterizations were to follow, as well as two angioplasties, with a triple by-pass surgery on Dec. 2, 1991. Things were fine for about three years when again I started to have regular chest pains and I was eating nitrostats like candy, five or ten a day. Then during another angioplasty, two stents were inserted. But soon the stents became clogged with plaque and I began to experience chest pains again. Several trips were made to the hospital to have the stents cleaned out, then finally two more stents were added, for a total of four stents in my heart.

Shortly afterwards, I lost my job because of the employer’s concern over my driving the company vehicle and transporting clients when I was continuing to suffer from chest pains. I was visiting with my Pastor for prayer and I made the statement, “It seems to me there ought to be something that could simply flush your system instead of go through all the other procedure over and over.”  To my amazement, he said, “There is!”

He proceeded to tell me about a word I had never heard before: chelation (pronounced key-la-shun). He showed me numerous articles from a thick file folder he had on the subject. He showed me a written testimony of a friend of his who had significant positive results from chelation therapy.

I was thrilled at the possibility that there might be an alternative to the repeated heart catheterizations I had endured, with no significant relief of the problems.

We researched the information from his files and found there were at least two doctors right here in St. Petersburg who treated patients with intravenous chelation. This involves two treatments a week lasting two or three hours, for at least thirty treatments. This would be an expensive route, as these often are not covered by insurance or Medicare.

We were also told about Oral Chelation, a milder but inexpensive and convenient form of chelation. My wife and I went to the Health Food Store on South Pasadena. We asked him to tell us about Oral Chelation. He reached up on the shelf and gave me a bottle of Circu Flow and another bottle of Aloe Vera Gel and gave me directions as to how I should take it (three Circu Flow oral chelation capsules before meals three times a day, with 2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera). A month’s supply of both was not even $40.00.

I started taking this in May of 2001 and by June 4, 2001 I was no longer taking nitrostats (remember I was taking as many as ten a day for chest pains). To this day I have not had to take any more nitrostats under my tongue. I have had no chest pains, nor have I had to sit up to sleep!

Just to be sure, I called the manufacturer of Circu Flow, an 800 number was on the bottle. I asked what reactions I would have with other medications I was already taking and they assured me that there would be no reactions from any medication I was on.

During this time I was on eight medications given to me by my Doctor. These medications other than nitrostat gave me no relief from the severe chest pain I was experiencing at that time. The only relief I had was when I started to take Chelation and again from June 4th, 2001 to this day I have not had to take a nitrostat.

Recently, I visited my doctor at the V.A. I told him what I was taking. I feared his reaction because I had earlier mentioned chelation to him and he became very angry. He literally screamed at me, saying, “It’s a lie, there is no scientific proof that chelation works.” Then he asked my wife and I to leave! We were shocked and puzzled that a professional doctor could get so angry. But I went and got the oral chelation anyway, the very next day. After only three months on the oral chelation, when he saw how good I was doing, and how I had absolutely no adverse reactions, he was very friendly and happy with my good health and said, regarding the oral chelation, “If it’s working, do it!”

Chelation is designed to take plaque and foreign materials out of the blood vessels through the entire body. I am living proof that it works!

Thank you for allowing me to share with you my health testimony. I do so in the hope that others would have the possibility of convenient, inexpensive relief from life-threatening circulatory problems.

Paul Saylor

St. Petersburg, FL

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