Spiritual Time, Flower Essence

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Manufacturer La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences
Form Liquid
Size .5 oz.

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Spiritual Time, Flower Essence

Spiritual Time transforms your understanding of time, your relationship with time, and your use of time to support quickening of your spiritual awakening 'in time'. The cosmic alarm has sounded. It is the time for humanity's spiritual awakening. In order for you to fully awaken spiritually, you must live in accordance with Spiritual Time. Spiritual Time supports you in transforming the limiting paradigm of linear time/conditional love to the expanding paradigm of Spiritual Time/Unconditional Love.


Take one drop of Spiritual Time daily to live in accordance with the spiritual purpose of time; to align your daily life with your highest path of personal evolution; and to synchronize your life with Spiritual Time. Take one drop up to three times daily if you feel constrained by time; feel you are not using your time correctly; and/or would like to activate a sense of immediacy in relation to your spiritual growth. Take one dropperful (10-12 drops) when you have more to accomplish in a given time frame than is 'possible' and to discover and surrender to Divine Order.


Infusion of Rose “Love” in water. 13.3% Brandy Alcohol by Volume.