Cryptosporidium Kit, Cript Aqua Kit (para), Vibropathic™

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Manufacturer Hanna's
Supply 17 Days
Form Kit

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Cryptosporidium Kit, Cript Aqua Kit (para), Vibropathic™

A companion to careful selection of drinking water and mindful food preparation, including avoidance of raw meats.


Begin five days before full moon and continue treatment until bottles are empty. Take 10 drops of each 15 minutes apart and 20 minutes before each meal.


Cryptosporidium, Ipecac Root, and Copper Vibropathics

Additional Dietary Information:

Avoid the following foods: white potatoes, eggplant, red peppers, and tomatoes. Avoid vitamin supplements unless otherwise directed by a health care professional.  Avoid rare meats.  Keep fingernails clean. Cook with spices such as fennel, bay leaf, onion and sage.  Eat more yogurt (and/or supplement with probiotics) and avoid excess sugar intake.