Black Radish & Parsley™

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Manufacturer Kroeger Herb Products
Supply 16 Days
Form 2 Capsules
Potency 900 mg
Size 100

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Black Radish & Parsley™

A powerful pair of herbs used in conjunction with proper nutrition for the grief of those wintertime surprises. Supports the immune system and throat health.


Two capsules 3 times daily before meals.


Black Radish Root, Parsley Leaf. Other Ingredients:  Vegetarian source capsule.


Cold and Flu Remedies

You’re sick. It’s terrible. We’ve got some good news though: there are home remedies and tips for fighting this illness and getting back to your (non-whining) old self again. Take a look here for foods to avoid while sick, what to add into your diet when you’re fighting off the cold and flu, and even tips for how to make your surroundings a more healing environment. Suffering from the sniffles, sneezes, a full-blown cold, or a terrible flu is no fun for anyone but we’ve got what you need for natural healing at home!


You’re sick. It’s terrible. We’ve got some good news though: there are home remedies and tips for fighting this illness and getting back to your (non-whining) old self again. Take a look here for foods to avoid while sick, what to add into your diet when you’re fighting off the cold and flu, and even tips for how to make your surroundings a more healing environment. Suffering from the sniffles, sneezes, a full-blown cold, or a terrible flu is no fun for anyone but we’ve got what you need for natural healing at home!

Foods to Eat and Avoid During the Cold or Flu

Is orange juice bad for you while you have a cold or the flu?

We all love foods that comfort us when we don’t feel well. I was raised in the South so fried foods or mac-and-cheese are the ultimate comfort for me but, as it turns out, they may do more harm than good when enjoyed during an illness. Most comfort foods are filled with gluten, soy, or dairy and could potentially stress your immune system. Foods that hinder the fight against sickness are best saved for when you’re feeling better. Try to eat antioxidant-rich foods (like fruit smoothies) or a healthy salad topped with a protein (like chicken, fish, or black beans). Even though you might crave the comfort foods of your childhood while you’re sick, you’ll be glad you stayed away. One other thing to avoid while you’re sick is sugar loaded orange juice. We’ve all heard how good OJ is for us while we are sick but if you aren’t squeezing it yourself, you aren’t doing your body any favors. Try eating oranges or using a Vitamin C supplement to avoid the added sugar but still get the benefits. Staying hydrated is key while you’re sick so substitute with herbal teas, water, or coconut water instead. And, if you’re making yourself a hot cup of tea, use raw honey while you’re sick! Raw, unfiltered honey is known to have antibiotic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and immunity stimulating properties; a perfect food to eat while you are experiencing cold or flu symptoms! For a natural, reliable herbal remedy for cough try Kroeger’s CGH tea made with a soothing blend of herbs to quite your cough and help your throat heal.

The Cold or Flu in Your Room: A Disaster Area of Tissues?

Sometimes sickness makes us a little sloppy; several cups stacked around, used tissues on the floor, bed, or table. Sound familiar? While we like to relax and not worry about the mess that comes from being sick, often our rooms become dungeons of illness and we are held captive! Try cutting back on some of your cold and flu time by incorporating some fresh and healing smells into the room like lavender or clary sage. These essential oils can boost or brighten your mood a bit and offer some healing through scent. Try putting a few drops on a pillow or in a diffuser. Other healing essentials to consider in your room to keep your spirits up: a stack of reading materials, tissues, herbs for cold and flu, blankets and cold cloths. It may sound silly to have calm and “non-sick” surroundings while you rest but by improving your mood and lightening your spirits with essential oils or sunlight you’re helping your body get back on track and conquer the infection!

Hanna’s Remedies for Cold and Flu

  1. Soup it Up! Chicken soup is the ultimate when we are sick and even if you’re omitting the chicken because of dietary or personal choices, the broth will bring hydration and the veggies offer important vitamins and minerals. Hanna encouraged us to stay away from the canned stuff; homemade is best! If you aren’t a fan of chicken soup, try Hanna’s Onion Soup (chop several white and red onions and add to broth of your choice. Season with tamari and thyme).
  2. Eat Your Veggies! Kale, onions, and broccoli are at the top of the list for foods to eat while you’re sick. Hanna believed in the natural sulfurs and vitamins in vegetables for prevention and treatment of colds and flu.
  3. Citrus for Health—whether it’s lemon added to a hot cup of tea, peeling and eating fresh oranges, or making a tea of grapefruit skin, Hanna encouraged us to use citrus while sick to speed healing. Our bodily flushes Vitamin-C from our system frequently so even though a product may claim to offer over 100% of your daily Vitamin-C needs, when you are sick it’s important to continually replenish the amount in your body!

    Eat your veggies to cut down cold and flu time!

  4. Herbs for Cold and Flu—Hanna understood herbs and was able to create several herbal combinations for our ailments. Aside from her CGH tea to soothe a cough, she also created several capsules that address sickness. VYR  and  VYR-33 are unique blends of herbs that Hanna said were in “close competition with Mom’s chicken soup”. There are others to consider as well, Sinus Blend for issues with the sniffles, INF Blend or FLT tea to supplement our body’s natural defenses and bring healing, as well as Black Radish and Parsley for throat and immune health. These are only a sample of products that Hanna created for the cold and flu season, check our website to see our entire cold and flu section of products! While you’re there you can also check out our immune boosting products .


While we all get sick, the way we approach our illnesses is different for everyone. Choose to fill your body with good foods, herbs, and remedies to speed healing naturally! The cold and flu may attack your home this year but you can fight back!

Do you have any home remedies or natural choices you use when you’re feeling sick with the cold or flu? We would love to hear about them! Our remedies listed here came primarily from the employee favorite “Ageless Remedies from Mother’s Kitchen”, take a look!

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Home Remedies & Natural Products for Acne

Poor diet, lack of sleep, dehydration, and stress are only a handful of triggers for acne but for every cause there are several natural and herbal solutions. Whether you’re a teen or a senior, these remedies can help clear your skin and help you put your healthiest face forward.


Remedies and Tips for Acne

Hydrate:  Not drinking enough water in a day can cause a myriad of problems with your health and dehydration can show on the surface as acne. Dry climates and weather changes can play a role in the dryness of skin but more often than not, lack of water is the issue. Our faces have natural oils and when they are in a dry environment the oils harden and lead to clogged pores. Keeping your body hydrated and using a natural moisturizer to ensure your skin is moist will help you avoid the clogged pores that lead to acne and have a water bottle with you throughout the day so staying hydrated is a breeze!

Reduce Stress: We are all faced with stressful situations but how we react to them is important to keeping our bodies healthy… including skin. Take a look at 5 Easy Steps to Reduce Stress

Eat and Drink Well: Wholesome, nutritious foods play a major role in keeping your skin clear. When we eat well our bodies are getting the vitamins and minerals needed, our digestive systems are functioning properly, and toxins are being cleansed from our system because our livers aren’t overloaded with junk food, caffeine, or alcohol. Be sure plenty of water and herbal teas (flavored with honey or lemon) are a part of your diet.

Get Rest and Proper Sleep: The recommended 8 hours of sleep at night aren’t just to recharge your body’s battery! When we sleep our skin is healing itself from the damages of the day (sun, wind, pollutants) and when we don’t have the proper amount of sleep, our complexion can show it. Get to bed early and even if you aren’t able to get 8 full hours of sleep at night, be mindful of the amount of time you allow your body to rest; no gadgets, no phone calls or questions, no distractions.

Natural Products for Acne


Wild Sage Botanicals is local to us in Boulder, CO and we’re happy to have their products on our shelves. The Red Clay Blemish Mud is a blend of essential oils, witchhazel, and French red clay that can be dabbed onto blemishes and left for a few hours or overnight. The mud is helpful for swollen and sore pimples that are just under the skin as well as those on the surface. Insect bites and poison ivy rashes benefit from the use of the mud as well!

Nelson’s Homeopathic Acne Gel heals and soothes acne, pimples, and blemishes with homeopathically prepared sulfur and the therapeutic benefits of plants. Use this gel when you first discover the blemish as well as throughout the day to speed clearing.

Hanna’s Berberis aquifolium (Mountain grape) is a vibropathic remedy used for acne, eczema, and other complaints like blotchy or scaly skin. Berberis aqui works quickly to clear the complexion and can be used in conjunction with other products designed to address acne.

Kali. Sulph. (Cell Salt #7) Homeopathic from Hyland’s helps to relieve blemishes associated with common acne and is great to have on hand for cold and flu season! Hyland’s ClearAc is a homeopathic for the management and symptomatic relief of pimples, blackheads, and blemishes associated with common acne.

yellow dock

Yellow Dock (as a tea or tincture) can address various skin conditions including acne. Because Yellow Dock is a known remedy for the liver and gallbladder its benefits to the skin are two fold; not only does it help to heal and prevent acne but it is keeping the body’s filter healthy which will promote clearer skin over a long period of time.

When we think of acne, many of us stay away from all things oil thinking it will only make the problem worse, but a diet high in essential fatty acids is important to skin health, including acne-prone skin.  Essential fatty acids (like fish oil) are a necessary part of the diet that are responsible for cell function, the health of cell walls, and the transfer of waste out of the cells. Should you fish or flax? Check out the benefits of Omega 3s (an essential fatty acid that most Americans have a deficiency of).


Turmeric is at the top of my list of favorite products and among its benefits are that it not only helps to clear your skin but also promotes anti-aging as well as a natural glow.

Hanna taught that acne often had an underlying cause of staph or strep infection in the body.  She believed that staph gave a blue tint to acned skin and strep gave a red tint.  She recommended the individual vibropathics Staph or Strep along with Black Radish & Parsley, a powerful anti-bacterial herbal combination.

Check out other Natural Remedies for Skin and take a look at our Body Care section where you can find our top picks for keeping your skin healthy and clear.

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