Mouth Balancing Solution

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Manufacturer Perelandra
Form Liquid
Size 2 oz

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Mouth Balancing Solution

Strengthens and supports the unique balance required by the mouth for operating efficiently. It ensures the mouth's ability to operate efficiently so that the rest of the body may receive from the mouth what it needs to repair, grow, strengthen and function on a high level.

IMPORTANT: The mouth is designed to process the food it is given. The quality of the food we shovel in is directly related to the quality of what is passed on to the rest of the body once the mouth breaks it down and processes it. A well-functioning mouth does not magically transform crap food into high quality nutrients. The nutrients of potato chips do not suddenly transform into the nutrients of broccoli. Nor does the Perelandra Mouth Balancing Solution transform crap food into good food. But it does enhance and maintain the ability of the mouth to function so that it can extract the most from the food we shovel in.


MPORTANT: The Mouth Balancing Solution is to be taken orally. Do not eat or drink anything 20 minutes prior to and 20 minutes after taking this solution. Should the dropper come in contact with your mouth, tongue or
any other surface, be sure to wash the dropper off before sticking it back in the bottle.
FOR GENERAL MAINTENANCE: Take 8 drops, once daily in the morning before noon.
MOUTH OR ORAL CONDITION: Take 8 drops, twice daily, morning before noon & evenings after dinner for as long as you are dealing with the problem(s).
Take 8 drops, twice daily—as soon as possible after the treatment & in the evening after dinner.


23.6% brandy alcohol by volume, infusion of Mouth Balancing in water