Natural Aging

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Manufacturer Perelandra
Supply 3-6 months
Form Liquid
Size 2 oz

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Natural Aging

Connects us to the developmental and maturation process for each of the six aging stages within a full life cycle.

Within a full life cycle, we experience six aging stages: birth to young child, adolescence, young adult, middle age, post-middle age, and elderly to death. Each stage has specific life lessons and experiences that are activated and expressed through our physical, emotional, mental and soul levels (pems levels). Perelandra’s Natural Aging connects us to the developmental and maturation process we move through on our four pems levels for each of these stages. In this way we can embrace the learning opportunities and experiences each stage offers us. And when we move to the next stage, we have a solid, strong foundation upon which to build the new stage. I wish I could give you specific age ranges for each of these stages but the only sure moments in the aging process that we can all agree on are birth and death. The other age ranges depend on the individual’s timing and rhythm during their life process. We can use society’s “conventional wisdom” to give us a general idea of each of the age ranges for the six stages. For example: birth to young child: birth to 12 — adolescence: 13 to 18 — young adult: 19 to 29 — middle age: 30 to 49 — post-middle age: 50 to 69 — elderly to death: 70 to death. Now, I’m sure we can all debate the numbers I’ve listed, but they give us a starting point and general range for each stage.
When personally defining these stages, it is important to step back from society’s definition and allow for each person’s individuality to complete that definition for himself. I’m sure many of us can point to a six-year-old and say, “That’s an old child.” And we can point to a few sixty-year-olds and say, “That person never left adolescence.” Natural Aging helps us develop our full potential in each of these aging stages so that we can move through life in “age appropriate” ways. This does not mean that eighty-year-olds will suddenly stop skydiving and fifteen-year-olds will stop giving their parents grey hair. It means that if it is within the natural timing and pattern of an eighty- year-old to skydive, Natural Aging will support this on all his pems levels. “Age appropriate” is defined by the soul and Natural Aging assists in moving these impulses through the individual’s pems levels so that each stage is fully experienced and creates a firm, strong foundation upon which the person can build the next stage.


10 drops, one time daily, last thing in the evening at bedtime.

When taking more than one Perelandra Solution at bedtime, take all the other Solutions as directed first. Then wait two minutes before taking the 10 drops of Natural Aging.


23.6% brandy alcohol by volume, infusion of Natural Aging in water