Deluxe Bath Salts w/ Sodalite

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Manufacturer Turtle Healing Energy
Supply 1 bath
Form Bath Salt with Gemstone
Size 10 oz

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Deluxe Bath Salts w/ Sodalite

These local bath salts contain mineral rich and detoxifying salts and essential oils. The Sodalite included with the salts brings forth a sense of calm, intuition and clarity. It also promotes power, voice and creativity; boosts immune system; treats the throat; assists group work; enhances self -esteem; clears electromagnetic pollution; helps prevent insomnia (near or under pillow); calms mind; increases intuition.


Add and dissolve entire contents at start of bath.
Enjoy a 15-20 minute soak. Remove gemstone before draining your tub; enjoy your gemstone.


Bokek Dead Sea salt; Ultra Epsom salt and lavender, eucalyptus and cedarwood essential oils. Also includes Sodalite gemstone.