The Balanced Child Solutions

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Manufacturer La Vie de la Rose
Size 7 oz.

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The Balanced Child Solutions

Birth - age 12) Assists children to heal and grow spiritually. Flower Essences to help support the unfolding of the voice of the child's soul, thereby promoting emotional maturity, expression of unique gifts and self-confidence. Happy Child supports the child's psychological development and healing. It assists children to acknowledge and fully process their feelings in relation to a variety of experiences, e.g., challenges in relationships with family, friends, schoolmates, teachers and coaches; changes in family structure and/or living conditions; death of loved ones (including pets); physical injury to self and/or others; and psychological, physical and/or sexual abuse.
“I am Me” purpose: Curious, expressive, innocent, playful, and spontaneous – these are some of the characteristics of unrepressed children. I Am Me assists children in maintaining the integrity of their authentic Selves. I Am Me supports children in becoming who they are here to be and facilitates fulfillment of their spiritual contracts.
Children are naturally psychic. They 'hear' the unspoken and 'see' the unseen. They are empathic and telepathic. Magical Child supports children in allowing and expressing the full range of their sensory experiences. This in turn supports unfoldment of their expanded sensory capacities. The development of an expanded sensory system is necessary for the heightened awareness and sensitivity that correlate with higher evolution and Accelerated Spiritual Growth®.


Application: Administer one drop of Happy Child daily to support children in staying present to their feelings. Administer one drop up to three times daily when children experience difficult feelings or face a challenging circumstance. Administer one dropperful (10-12 drops) when children are experiencing a 'feeling/healing crisis'.


3 - ½ ounce individually sealed flower essence bottles (Infusion of Rose “Happy Child,” Black Eyed Susan, “Indian Summer” and Rose “The Fairy” in water. 13.3% Brandy Alcohol by Volume Stunning, full-color cards - 1 card describing the purpose of the set - 1 card per flower essence with photo of the flower and corresponding purpose statement