Cultured Vegetables, Probiotic Vegetable Blend

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Manufacturer Innerbalance Ferments
Supply 16 Servings
Form Veggies
Size 1 Pint

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Cultured Vegetables, Probiotic Vegetable Blend

Packed with friendly bacteria, enzymes, vitamins and amino acids, eating cultured vegetables is one of the most effective ways to support your digestive system and your entire body.


Enjoy 2 tbsp with every meal! Keep vegetables level in jar so the top layer stays moist and delicious. Keep Refrigerated when possible. Vegetables left out for hours or days will ferment further.


Red & Green Cabbage*, Carrots*, Beets*, Daikon Radish*, Ginger*, Spring Water, Agave Nectar* (to feed probiotics), probiotics (Lb. Plantarum, Pediococcus Acidolactici, Leu. Cremoris, Inulin. May contain trace amounts of dairy.)  *Organic. Made in a dedicated Gluten-free kitchen.