Nebulizing Diffuser

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Manufacturer ArOmis
Form Glass/ Wood
Contents Glass reservoir, Natural wood base, plug. Comes in assorted styles.
Size 4” x 8”

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Nebulizing Diffuser

The Aromis aromatherapy diffuser is a theraputic grade ultrasonic nebulizer designed with serious practitioners in mind. Our units are made from wood and glass and use no heat or water to vaporize oils.


1) Remove all contents from the box and gently twist the glass bottle into the rubber hole in the base.
2) Plug in the diffuser.
3) Put 10 to 20 drops of essential oil into the diffuser. Do not allow oil to fill above the glass tubes inside of bottle.
4)Put the glass on top of the bottle.
5) Turn on the nebulizer by twisting the metal knob on the side of the wood base clockwise to the desired intensity.